Why this free book? 

We live in challenging times – while we are figuring out how to continue working and collaborating from any location, evolving cyberthreats find new ways to exploit our technological and purely human vulnerabilities. The purpose of this guide is to summarize some of the main security measures organizations of all sizes and industries can implement to protect their workforce and operations. 


Content of the book

This book will guide you through the following topics: 

  • Patching all systems 

  • Backing up data 

  • Applying the principle of least privilege 

  • Encrypting devices 

  • Enabling domain anti-spoofing protection and protecting email 

  • Disabling unused services and protocols 

  • Limiting access to legacy systems 

  • Using strong, unique passwords and changing them frequently 

  • Enabling MFA for access to critical apps and data 

  • Providing remote workers with VPN access 

  • Protecting endpoint devices 

  • Monitoring infrastructure for security incidents 

  • Running security awareness trainings 

How it could help your organization? 

This book may help you: 

  • Identify gaps and areas of improvement. 

  • Consider different approaches to a challenge. 

  • Define clearer solution requirements. 

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